The term Fine Art Printing regards the whole photographic process that starts from the click and ends with the printing. Then a series of supports are selected for the conservation and filing required by collectors, art galleries and museums. We have been experimenting for a while with Fine Art Printing for weddings, even creating a small printing lab to guarantee the highest quality and precision for our clients: you can check out our website on This has allowed us to enrich our proposal with different types of paper – both cotton and alfa-cellulose – but the most important aspect concerns the possibility to control the whole productive cycle and, therefore, the results.

Finally, being able to print our own photos and the post-production further increases the artisan dimension of our agency. We believe the story of every wedding should be told in a different way, so the photos are different, the albums chosen by the couple based are on their tastes and we print the photos. After two years of experimenting we have come up with solutions that further enhance our choices. We have always worked with 5punto6, a company based in Parma, Italy which produces the traditional-style album with stick-on photos but with a highly innovative design, while maintaining the artisan die.

So, each client can personalise their album, giving it a unique touch

Then we started to wonder what would happen if we got rid of the paper we stick the photos on and used our prints directly on a Change or Dadino? For our first experiment we created an album of 40 30x45cm prints on Canson Platine, a 310g fairly thick, cotton-based quality paper. Imagine leafing through an album of 40 quite large fine quality prints, enjoying the texture of the cotton print. Aren’t you curious to try it out?