Romantically defined by many as “the kiss between the sun and the moon”, the eclipse of 20 March, 2015 coincided with the spring equinox, the end of the polar night and return of the sun to the Arctic after a six-month winter absence. We will have to wait 500,000 years for the next one …

Every eclipse is magical

None is ever the same as the previous one and a total eclipse of the sun had not taken place on this date since 20 March 1662. And that’s not all … the spring equinox has always been defined as the happiest day of the year as the sun rises perfectly in the east, goes down perfectly in the west and at noon is exactly at its zenith.

And spring is the season of new life

And in the wake of these unique facts and good omens, in an atmosphere made even more romantic and evocative by the homage of the dance between the moon and the sun, Ilenia and Marco uttered their fateful “I do”.