Beyond the Sant’Agata torrent stream in the heart of the Aspromonte, the ancient olive trees embrace the family estate, built in the early twentieth century, and in their church overlooking the Strait of Messina Giuseppe and Antonella were united in their destiny.

The bride and groom chose the colours, freedom and music of the 70s to make their wedding very special: from the original vinyl invitations to the bride’s headdress – a garland of flowers, not forgetting the  “Skunchiuruti”, of which Giuseppe is a member, and who, in an old Ape “dressed up” in keeping with the theme, bestowed a decidedly unique sound track on the day.

No detail was left to chance:

tables made from wooden pallets, islands created by balls of straw used for seats, covered with multi-coloured fabrics, gerbera in simple glass bottles placed on olive branches and old barrels welcomed guests, all below a cascade of coloured ribbons.

Antonella is lucky enough to have a rather special uncle: Paolo Caridi, official chef for the Italian Light Athletics team, who created a layered wedding cake, covered with whipped cream and decorated with white chocolate flowers. At the end of the evening the ladies received a small token of crocheted flowers made by the groom’s mother.

Enthusiasm, music and colour undoubtedly made Giuseppe and Antonella’s wedding a magical moment shared by all those present.

Ivana Toma e Letizia Cuzzola