Wedding reportage

In our opinion today the “promenade” is a thing of the past. In a posed photographic service the photographer needs to enrich the album with other shots (which often have little to do with the wedding day or the bride and groom). We don’t think it’s necessary “to go and take photos” because we shoot what happens from morning till night. We find it much more sensible for the couple to go directly to the wedding reception, where they can relax and greet their guests (they’ve been invited because the couple are pleased they can be with them on such an important occasion, so what’s the point of making them wait?).

Obviously, if the couple ask us we don’t refuse to accompany them on a quick outing during which we give them the chance to relax and chat freely. However, we always advise them on the choice of a location that suits them.

Why take photos in the most beautiful and famous locations in the area when 10,000 other couples have the exact same shots?

Another idea is to do a pose in the studio with friends and witnesses. Even though this is not a classic reportage, the result will be fresh and fun. The shots will be the result of spontaneous interaction between the couple and their friends. From a technical and aesthetic point of view, the quality will be of the highest, thanks to the studio lighting and backdrops.

In the photo a couple, quite at ease, await their guests at the Kalura reception salon in Reggio Calabria, overlooking the Strait of Messina.