Italian Wedding Photography

We have nothing against posing in a photo. We do poses when we create photo-books for actors or models, or when we work with a model for an advertising.

Maybe that’s the point!

When photographing a model, you are working with a girl chosen for her perfect (or almost) physical appearance. Besides, a model has had training, she has done it dozens of times, knows exactly how to behave in front of the camera and immediately understands the photographer’s needs. When working with a professional it’s therefore simpler to create credible poses.

In addition, couples today are often less willing to spend time posing during their long and stressful wedding day. So a photographer who isn’t too demanding certainly helps put the bride and groom at their ease.

Another matter to consider is the “ceremonial promenade” which takes place after the wedding. We’re quite willing to shoot it, but we usually explain to couples that it’s now rather old-fashioned. While traditional photographers come to the bride’s home when the make-up artist has almost finished, we start working during the hair- and make-up stages! On the last wedding I covered, we worked from noon until 2am! I don’t need to spend half an hour getting more material as we’ve already been working for several hours and will continue until the end of the celebrations. If you want the promenade, we allow you quite a bit of freedom while they are walking, closing in or moving away to get the results I’m looking for, but my interaction with the couple is reduced to a minimum. From this point of view, the promenade can become a relaxing moment for the couple.

A case in point regards a couple who got married in 2010. After the vows we went to the little seaside resort of Scilla and spent ages trying to find somewhere to park. By the time we got to the wedding reception we were almost an hour late and the guests were very disappointed because the newly-weds had missed the best part of the day. We personally appreciate the latest trend of the bridal couple, as hosts, coming to the reception before their guests arrive.

In our opinion, what is most important is that each wedding maintains its uniqueness.

Each wedding should be different from all the others. Obviously, we all re-cycle certain ideas, sometimes without even realising it. But it’s different when you don’t make the effort to find new solutions. A professional photographer who repeats the same type of shot makes far less effort than someone who tries to make each wedding special. The number of hours, both during the actual wedding day and post-production, must also be taken into account. If a photographer creates the same photo-book every time, he will spend far less time than someone who creates an original and unique product from scratch.

Preparing the bride © Italian Wedding Photography

We rarely use the flash or spotlight for our wedding photos and this also influences the way, and how much, we work. A photographer who already has an idea of what he wants for his standard album knows he will take 100-200 photos at most, all without technical errors because they are in focus, well-lit, etc., so selecting and re-touching won’t take too long. We’re pointing this out because we think it’s important for clients to be aware of the service and product they are purchasing. A wedding can cost as much as 10,000 Euros on the basis of which services and products you buy. We object to the TG5 news reporter who suggested how to save money on the photographer by placing disposable cameras for guests on the tables (no comment!). It is important to decide on your budget.

It’s worth spending a moment on wedding albums. Once all photos were stuck on the pages of albums, but then the photo-book arrived. We prefer the former because they show off the photography to its best advantage. Today we can find beautiful albums which cater to all tastes. 5Punto6 albums for example are real design objects and can be displayed anywhere in the home. We don’t like the idea of locking up the wedding album in a suitcase, hidden away in the wardrobe… in the highest tower of the castle. The wedding album should be a thing of beauty, to be seen and enjoyed. If a couple prefers a photo-book, we personalise it, strictly avoiding “artistically” burning the edges, or superimposing flowers or sunsets and propose a modern cover made up of a photographic print, either plastic-coated or in plexi-glass.

And the same holds for the wedding video. We think it should be filmed spontaneously and tell the story of that day, lasting 20 minutes at most. A one-hour wedding video means watching it only the first 3 times and then leaving it in a drawer or in the wardrobe… in the highest tower of the castle, together with the suitcase mentioned above.

Our advice to couples is to choose their wedding photographer based on the way he or she works and on his/her style.

The photographer should show them more than one album, explaining how he/she usually works so that the couple are sure they have made the right choice in terms of personal tastes and how they want their wedding to be.